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Valentina Tesic slika


Since i’ve already had german level B1, i’ve had an interview within 3 weeks after joining the program. I’ve also had a preperation course, which lasted two weeks. Only 2 hours after the interview the Staffus team told me that the company has chosen me.


Lazar Stamenkovic_Foto


I’ve only good things to say about the job you’ve found for me. I’m satisfied with the people who welcomed me and I’m glad that there were always someone there for me whenever i needed them.




There is one thing i really want to recommend to you: if someone like me at the age of 50 can do the whole process, im assure you that everyone can! I‘m looking forward to my future collaboration with Staffus while facing new challenges


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We recruit your future employees from many different countries around the world, such as the countries of the Western Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia), from Jordan, Morocco, Mexico, the Philippines or Turkey.

All caregivers that we hire have completed some kind of training and/or completed studies that are recognized in Germany. We examine all qualifications before introducing you to your potential employees.

In our language courses, we teach our students up to the B2 German language level. While doing so, we pay special attention to the fact that your future employees should be familiar with the caregiving professional terminology in the field of caregiving.

The period between recruitment and the start of work usually does not exceed 14 months. This process can take less time, depending on the caregiver’s language acquisition progress. We are willing to help you with developing a strategic recruitment plan in order to cover your staffing needs for a longer period.

We are your competent partner when it comes to compiling contract documents. We explain to you precisely what kind of documentation you need and what you should pay special attention to.

We are pleased to take care of all issues related to your work and residence permit. We prepare the necessary documentation and explain in detail which documents, as an employer, you are obliged to issue. Also, we can take over the obligation to contact authorities on behalf of you.

In order for professional staff to be recognized in Germany, some adaptation measures may be needed. We prepare the selected caregivers to pass the test of knowledge in their home country and we organize the knowledge test or the tailor-made course in Germany.

We are willing to help you find adequate housing for your new employees. That way, you don’t need to worry about looking for accommodation or drawing up a lease agreement.

We handle all the tasks on behalf of you, from recruiting to teaching German, all the way to bureaucratic activities that are necessary to recognize training and obtain a work and residence permit. However, that’s not all: we take care of your new employees during the first twelve months from the start of work with the aim to ensure smooth integration.

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How can we help?

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