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Your new job in 5 steps!

We are looking forward accompanying you on your journey to Germany

Slide Are you still in training or do you already have work experience? Our clients of nursing and geriatric nursing are constantly looking for qualified specialists. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Step 1: Find a new job

Slide You will need a lot of documents for your new job in a foreign country. We support you right from the start with the translation, certification and recognition of your documents and take care of all the documents necessary for entry and work. In this way, you can fully concentrate on your language training.

Step 2: Administration

Slide To be successful and happy in your new job, you need to master the local language. Our language program, specially developed for your needs, gives you exactly the language skills you need for your new job. Do you already have language skills? Great! Our language teachers will evaluate your language level and support you in expanding your knowledge in a goal-oriented manner. This is how we prepare you optimally.

Step 3: Language

Slide Professional requirements differ from country to country. We support you in the acquisition of any skills you may lack and prepare you for all necessary exams.

Step 4: Recognition

Slide The work begins. We are far from over. For another 12 months, we will be at your side with advice and deed, supporting you in your native language to integrate at your new workplace and place of residence.

Step 5: Onboarding & integration


Since i’ve already had german level B1, i’ve had an interview within 3 weeks after joining the program. I’ve also had a preperation course, which lasted two weeks. Only 2 hours after the interview the Staffus team told me that the company has chosen me.



I’ve only good things to say about the job you’ve found for me. I’m happy with the people who welcomed me and I’m glad that there were always someone there for me whenever i needed them.



There is one thing i really want to recommend to you: if someone like me at the age of 50 can do the whole process, im assure you that everyone can! I‘m looking forward to my future collaboration with Staffus while facing new challenges


Do you have any questions? We have the answers!

The whole process takes about a year (9 months German course and around 3 months for the visa and working permit).

It is completely free of charge, we cover ALL the costs until you start getting your pay-check in Germany, but you need to bring all the documents required no later than 6 weeks after signing the agreement.

Yes, you can apply while you are still in your last year of your medical school or while doing your internship. However, it is important to finish your state exam by the time you are ready to take your German language exam for your visa.

When you enter our programm as our new candidate, you are supposed to send your diploma (or a proof that you are still attending a medical school) and your CV.

Our colleague will provide you with the list of necessary documents for your diploma recognition process. If any item is unclear, we will make sure to give you a proper advice and explain further steps.

Yes, completing your documentation on time is of high importance, so we make sure all documents from our candidates are sent to an EU translator.

As soon as you officially enrol in our program we immediately plan you for the first available A1 group. In case you already possess some knowledge of German language, our teachers will determine if you are able to start classes right away with one of our existing groups.

Yes, we will supply you with all the necessary materials for each level.

The duration of the lower levels (A1 & A2) takes 6 weeks each. Each of the advanced levels (B1 & B1) takes 9 weeks. The lectures take 8 weeks to finish and after that there is a week of preparation for the exam.

To obtain the work visa it is required to have a certificate that your knowledge of German is at least at the B1 level. Furthermore, since you will be working for the German employer, you will need to use the language on a daily basis. The more advanced your knowledge is the easier you will integrate in the new working and living environment.

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